Some time ago creating your own mobile app would have required either coding skills or enough cash to source somebody with the right skills to develop your mobile application from the scratch. Today, however, there are free and paid  platform you can access and use to create your mobile application as fast as one day or even an hour.

There are number of app creator platforms on the net, however,  these five are outstanding easy to use without writing a single code: Appypie, Shoutem,  Appinstitute, Goodbarber and

Obviously, the sort of applications you get from these platforms will in general be on the moderately basic side. You’ll still need to be able to code or hire an app-development company to create more complex apps. But  for straightforward structure or data based applications in South Africa, these platforms will do fine and very fine. In particular, you’ll have the option to create a mobile application that probably won’t make you millions, but they will increase the value of your business or sites.  If you have a content-based site or an online store, for example, you can create a mobile app that lets people shop more easily or be in-touch with business easy and in-return your business will win more customer.

Five free Platforms For Creating Mobile App


create mobile app with Appypie

AppyPie is a mobile app creator released for Android, iOS, Fire OS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry platforms that allows its users to create and monetize different types of mobile apps. It also features its own marketplace to show off apps created through it.

Price: R600/app/month

Publication: android store only( need to publish to itune or other store you need to upgrade to Platinum package which comes with the price tag of R1.920)

Push Notification: 5000

Ads: no Appypie ads

Editing Your App: unlimited

Appypie Branding on your app: yes

App Source code : no


Create Mobile App with Shoutem

Shoutem is a slick beautiful drag and drop cms for the no coder, is user friendly and has a powerful modern editor for modern apps.

Unlike AppyPie however, apps built with Soutem are better at connecting to content rather than providing native content.

Price: R689 ($49)/app/month

Publication : android and ios

Push Notification: Unlimited

Ads : No shoutem ads

Editing Your App: unlimited

Shoutem Branding  on your app: No branding

App Source code : no


Create your mobile App with Appinstitute

AppInstitute. This is another extremely user-friendly online app builder. One differentiating factor is that when you begin your app-building process on this site, you’ll be asked to choose a template based on your goals, such as: “Sell Stuff,” “Get Bookings” or “Earn Loyalty.” After clicking on the tab that best represents your needs, you can further hone your app by choosing the proper category such as “church,” “coffee shop,” or “good cause.”

Price : R924 ($66)app/month

Publication : PWA/android/Ios

Push Notification : 10.000 a month

Ads : no Appinstitute ads

Editing Your App: unlimited

Appinstitute branding : no branding

App Source code : no


Create your App with Goodbarber

GoodBarber. Despite its strange name, GoodBarber is a solid choice for online app building. It puts the smartphone mock-up front and center in its design ontology, so you can click through the app as if it were live and see your changes take effect immediately. While this makes understanding the logic of your app quite easy, it makes designing it a little more difficult.

Say you wanted to change a block of text in the app. It would make sense that all you would need to do would be to click on it. This, however, doesn’t work. Because the app is “live,” clicking on anything takes you to the relevant section of the app. To make changes to sections, you need to use the navigation tools at the right which break the design process into different chunks such as menus, icons and sections. This takes a little getting used to, and requires more clicking around than the other apps mentioned here, but once you get the hang of it, the level of customization possible is truly impressive.

Price : R448 ($32)app/month

Publication : android only ( for both android and ios app is R1.344 ($96)app/month)

Push Notification : unlimited

Ads : no Goodbarber ads

Editing Your App: unlimited

Goodbarber branding: No branding

App source code : No


Create Your Mobile App With Appify.Africa

Appify.Africa. The only South African do-it-yourself platform to create content-based native mobile apps for iPhone and Android, no coding skills required to use this platform. It is easy to use and more powerful  to produce any ready made features app. It have so many features, and what makes Appify different is that you get your app source code free of charge when you use their platform. Source code is very important because that is the sign that you own the app, is yours.

Price : R0 app/month

Publication : android and ios

Push Notification : unlimited

Ads : No ads

Editing You App : unlimited

Appify Branding : No branding

App Source code: Yes ( Free of charge)

Beside all these affordable and easy of use platform without worrying about coding and technical staff, you still need to subscribe to Google Play Store and itune(Apple Store) . Google charge $25 for developer’s account and Apple demand $99.

However days are gone when one has to worry about hiring mobile app developer and separating with thousands of thousands of Rand just to have your name in a smart phone.