There are many ways to be an entrepreneur in 2021, but the fastest and simplest way, with guarantee for success, is to follow this recipe.

Well there are many recipe out there but the following: “guarantee  Success”. Follow this:

(1)   Build followers of particular niche.

Take note: Build from all spectrum of social media(Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,  Instagram and others).

Good are unpopular niche with good quality consumers, like Camera, html and Sewing.

(2)   Position yourself as authority on that particular niche.

Take note: You don’t have to be an expert, just do a deep research, not too deep, on the particular topic (niche) and write, post or publish about it.

(3)   Identify the problem your followers might be experiencing.

Take note: It might not be a problem per se, but anything that might entertain them as well.

(4)   Develop or Buy or import the SOLUTION.

Take note: you can buy a solution and sell it to those who need it.

Big companies have being buying solutions and selling them to their clients.

Facebook purchased Instagram for about $1 Billion and Microsoft purchased Linkedin for about $26Billion.

So what will stop you from buying solution and sell it to your followers. If you can’t develop a solution buy the solution and if you can’t buy it import it.

Please note. You don’t need to buy big ticket solutions, Billions and Millions.

You can buy something for one thousand and sell it for two thousand to ten thousand followers, that is 20 thousand Rand or Dollars or Euro.

Yes, you can go down to hundred instead of Millions and Thousand Rand/Dollars/Euro.

(5)   Engage your followers for at least six month to one year.

Take note: you need to build relationship with your followers based on trust.

Engage your followers for six month to one year before you sell something to them.

When you engage them, you need to give them raw, rare and well researched contents.

To be regarded as an authority in that topic, avoid copy and paste contents.

(6)   Before you sell, show them that you are using that Solution.

Take note: Your followers are human like you who follow you with the believe that one day, if not today, you will be useful to them based on the wealth of knowledge or experience you demonstrated to them.

If the solution is a make-up or cloth: wear it. If the solution is a device, please use it before you start selling it to them.

(7)   Sell the SOLUTION

Take note: develop a business plan that includes the following: your budget, inventory, logistic, human resource and etc.

If you are making the SOLUTION yourself, you need to take that into consideration.

Like how much money it cost to make it and how long it take to make one item.

(8)   Hooooooray! You are entrepreneur.


Rihanna with Fenty

Kim Kardashian West with KKW Beauty

Victoria Beckham with Posh Beauty Brand

Madonna with MDNA Brand

Gabrielle Union with Flawless

DJ Sbu with Mofaya

And many known and unknown personalities uses this method.

I know, you are saying this guys are celebrities with millions of followers. Yes celebrities need millions of followers to sell millions of products/solution to cover their expensive show-off life. Most of us we don’t live that kind of life: expensive cloths, wines, cars and dining… show-off life. We, most ordinary citizens of this earth, just need enough to cover our monthly or yearly bills. So we don’t need to sell millions of products to cover our bills. 3,5,7,9 or 10 thousand followers who buy 3,5,7,9 or 10 thousand of your products may make your life easier. That is why celebrities collapse and we don’t collapse.