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Frequently Asked Questions

Check Our Frequently Asked Questions for further Clarity

How to create an app with Appify?

This is step by step guide on how to create app on Appify platform: Here


Is there any documentation?

Yes, check our resources


How Many Apps Do I get With Starter package?

You get 40 apps with starter40 for R500 a month and 50 apps with starter50 for R3000 per year

What If I Exceed 40 apps and I Need to Create More

Once you reach 40 apps don’t stop keep on creating apps. You only going to pay R100 per app published. No need to open another account. Just notify us then we can activate your account to exceed quoter

How Much Money Can I Make With Appify?

With Starter40, which gives 40 apps, you can generate R200,000 upfront fee, when you charge R5000 to develop one app. Also generate R12,000 monthly hosting, when you charge R300 monthly hosting per app.

You can make R200,000 upfront fee plus R12,000 monthly income

What Are The Cost?


  1. Starter40: you get 40 apps

*cost R500/month

*   R100/month hosting per app ( Payable once you have published the app)

2. Starter50: you get 50 apps

*cost R3000/year

*   R100/month hosting per app ( Payable once you have published the app)

Note: Google Play Store Cost $25 once off to publish app at play store. and Apple store cost $99 per year to publish app at Apple Store

**both Apple and Google cost are not part of Appify. you need to pay them directly to them when you open your developer’s account with them.

Do i need to have my own developer's account with Play Store and Apple Store?

Yes, you need to open your own developer’s account with Play Store and Apple Store

Which App Store Will I Publish My App?

Google Play Store (Android) and Apple Store (Ios)

where will my data be hosted?

Appify is South African company and hosting its data in South Africa.