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5 Free Platforms to create your own Mobile App in South Africa

Some time ago creating your own mobile app would have required either coding skills or enough cash to source somebody with the right skills to develop your mobile application from the scratch. Today, however, there are free and paid  platform

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How to Publish Android App in Google Play Store

First you need to have the APK file of your app (download your app source code from Appify.Africa, you dont need android Studio, your source code is fully compiled APK file). Once you have created a Google Play Developer account (and pay

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How to Create an App with Appify.Africa

We are going to show you how Appify works and go through the entire process of creating an application. First, you have to login into your platform. Enter your Email, your Password and click on. You can now create

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How to use the Advanced Customization CSS / SCSS

This section in the Colors menu allows you to customize your application deeper with CSS / SCSS. Here is an example with a modification based on the Layout 6 by using the advanced customization with CSS / SCSS in an app:

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